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Introducing Sarah one of our most magical Liverpool ESCORTS

Liverpool Escort Sarah 1

Sarah is renowned for being one of our more fashion conscious Liverpool escorts and just loves to spend her days off in the Liverpool One centre. In spite of her love of all things designer, be it bags, shoes or dresses this lady knows that nothing looks better than when you mix a little designer with some high street purchases. Her favourite stores on the high street range from River Island and Zara to Topshop and Warehouse. When it comes to the higher end purchases Sarah insists there’s no place better than Allsaints and French Connection for a real contemporary or classy look depending how she feels on the day.

Just like most of the ESCORTS at our Liverpool agency, Sarah loves her Bobbi Brown products but when it comes to skin care she chooses only one brand and that’s Kiehl’s every time. She firmly believes it’s the reason her skin is as soft and flawless as it is. In spite of partying a lot (this girl loves to dance) she explains that Kiehl’s helps her cover up any hint of a late night and keeps her fresh faced and still looking her youthful twenty one years.

With her glossy brunette hair and hazel eyes that look almost like chocolate, Sarah gives that ‘girl next door’ look somewhat of an edge. She’s gorgeous and then some. Described by her clients as feisty but one seriously happy, bubbly girl at the same time. Sarah feels like there aren’t enough magic moments in the day so has made it her mission to ensure that every client gets a little magic. It’s really not that difficult either especially when you give her the reins. With Sarah in control you’ll happily be taken on a ride of thrills, excitement and action that you won’t be forgetting in a hurry. She’ll open your eyes to pleasure on an entirely new level that you never even knew existed and why would you? Quite simply Sarah is unlike any woman you’ve ever met before; she likes to do things a little differently and takes you away from the humdrum things of life.

With a little more than just tricks up her sleeve it’s surprising she still manages to remain a rather sweet and charming young lady. At just 5’4” and a curvy size 12, people find themselves so hung up on her looks and fun personality that they often aren’t prepared for the night of action she always leads them on. Sarah loves her job so much and such a professional that she makes it her priority to ensure the client has the best time possible. A client doesn’t leave unless they are 110% satisfied and with Sarah, they always are and then some.

The girls at our Manchester escort agency love Benefit makeup

The girls at our Manchester escort agency love Benefit makeup

It’s loved and adored the world over but no more so than by our ladies here at Sky, a MANCHESTER Escort agency. What is it we’re talking about? Could it be diamonds maybe or even a particularly high-end designer boutique? As much as the girls adore both of those, what we’re actually talking about is the Benefit make-up brand. Used constantly by nearly all of the Manchester Escorts, even some of our Liverpool ESCORTS in fact. With so many different products that help transform the girls from sexy kitten to sultry minx, it’s no wonder they love it.

The ladies at our Manchester ESCORT agency know exactly how to present themselves

Two of our escorts in particular, Shanny and Chantelle are big fans of the smoky eye look. They say that it helps when they want the attention of a client as they’re usually completely lured into their eyes already. It’s perfect for when they want to be in control and in charge during one of their sexy games and it usually makes them feel ready to head anywhere of an evening. To get the perfect smoky eye they always opt for two Benefit products in particular, one being the ‘smokin’ eyes’ sexy eye and brow makeover kit and the other being the new ‘Real steal’ product. With the ‘smokin’ eyes’ kit the girls have a handy travel size kit that they can carry with them so they can adjust through the night and keep their smoky eyes fresh and perfect. As the girls often say, there really is nothing worse than a woman with tired or smudged make up. The ladies at our Manchester ESCORT agency know exactly how to present themselves too, often opting for the a touch of class over anything else. That’s probably why they love the ‘Real Steal’ product because it means not having to wear false lashes which can often look a little tacky. Giving them long beautiful lashes without the need to glue any on; they feel this look is usually favoured by a lot of the clients.

Yazmine and Skye on the other hand like to mix things up and sometimes opt for the more natural look. That doesn’t mean a completely bare face however, they still like to make the best of themselves and usually do this with another one of the eye kits from Benefit known as ‘World Famous Neutrals’. They are considered the most glamorous nudes ever so it’s no shock that it’s a number one selling product. The rich illuminating colours make creating a natural glamorous look so simple for the ladies of our Manchester Escort AGENCY. Girls like Yazmine and Skye often find this look suitable for lunch dates and sometimes even corporate events, making themselves look beautiful without being obviously sexy. Our ladies know just what it takes to look their best so whenever you hire one of our girls, you can rest assured you’ll be spending time with one of Manchester’s best looking women on your arm. 

Quality guaranteed when you hire Manchester Escorts

Quality guaranteed when you hire Manchester Escorts

Manchester is famous for lots of things. A busy metropolitan city home to one of the most well known football teams in the world not to mention it is amazing shopping in places like the Trafford Centre and the awesome nightlife is akin to London and pretty much every other buzzing city in Europe. Suffice to say Manchester really does have it all even when it comes to Manchester Escorts.

Home to our high class Manchester Escort Agency, Sky Escorts where our clients are treated like Kings while priding ourselves on providing exceptionally beautiful women at a moment’s notice along with complete and utter discretion. We have a number of escorts that serve the Manchester area and each and every one of them is testament to our high standards when it comes to our women. Don’t just take our word for it, take a few moments and get to know some of our girls a little better starting with the sweet and charming Gemma.

Our Favourite Manchester Escorts

Gemma is a particular favourite amongst our Manchester Escorts. At just twenty two years of age, slim 5’7”, Gemma says that’s she often described as sweet and caring but very much enjoys it when she surprises a client with her seductive side. She loves what she does probably because she’s so good at it managing to put even the most nervous of clients at ease within minutes of meeting them. Clients of Gemma have described their time together as completely unforgettable from start to finish but she’s not the only shining example of fun and sexy women we have here.

Nineteen-year-old Stacey is one of our most youthful Manchester Escorts. At 5’8” and a gorgeous size ten she’s the envy of every guy and gal that come across her. Stacey is utterly gorgeous with a sexy air about her even when she’s dressed down and casual. Clients have described her as the ‘perfect dream date’ and why not, with style, class and a fun and flirty personality, she really is the whole package. It’s no wonder every single one of our clients are so happy to be seen with Stacey hanging off of their arm.

One last escort to really get your pulses racing is the very sweet and sexy Amber. With her blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes, this twenty one year old dazzles everyone who sees her. There’s no other way to describe Amber aside from absolutely stunning. A natural beauty with charm to match and at just 5’5” and a trim size eight, she really is a feisty madam in a small package.

These three beauties however are just a few examples of the high-class women we have on offer here at Sky Escorts. Sexy, flirty and obscenely beautiful are qualities every single one of our ladies posses so no matter who you go for, you can rest assured you’ll have the most beautiful of women arriving to keep you company when you order one of our Manchester Escorts.

Our Wigan escorts love their nights out dancing

Our Wigan escorts love their nights out dancing

Here at Sky Wigan Escorts one thing we know for certain is just how much our girls like their dancing. Getting dressed up in their favourite Lipsy dresses, wearing some serious sky high Christian Louboutins and all accessorised with the very latest pieces from Tiffany. Sometimes we think the girls love getting ready just as much as going out, that is until they actually get out and you really see them start to have fun.

Their nights usually start off somewhere a little quieter like Little Fifteen along Wallgate. Little Fifteen offers a real relaxed atmosphere within the stylishly decorated bar that the girls love. It’s this and the amazing drinks on offer that really pulls them in. It also offers some quirky features that make it such a cool place to be like the Love Booth and the ladies double loos where they sneak off to gossip about the eligible bachelors that are usually lining up to buy them drinks. Once they’ve spent some time in the VIP room known as the Sitting Room it’s then time to venture on to somewhere a little faster paced like Elements.

Elements is a trendy nightclub along King Street in Wigan where the girls from our Wigan Escort Agency all seem to head toward. Offering different themes on certain nights from Sick Tuesdays to the Late Night Workers Pass, it seems like nothings off limits and this is just where our girls like to let their hair down. Dancing all through the night until the early hours or until their sexy stilettos will let them. No wonder our Wigan escorts are in such great shape when all they do is spend their nights dancing.

It’s these sorts of places that the girls really like to be taken when they’re spending the night with a client. A few drinks in Little Fifteen wine bar makes them feel a lot more relaxed and they usually find the client relaxes more too. They especially love taking a client along to a nightclub as they say it’s like a preview of some their best moves when they get to bump and grind on the dance floor. What better way to get to know someone than with drinks and some awesome music?

If dancing and drinks isn’t really your thing, don’t despair. Just because they love to dance and let go doesn’t mean they love to do it every night of the week. Our Wigan escorts enjoy a romantic meal or even a quiet night in just as much as the next girl, so if it’s chilled you want they can do that too. The ladies here at Sky always put the client first so no matter what you want to do, it’s ok with them.